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About Ethereal Army


Ethereal Army is first and foremost a social supportive gaming community that currently plays exclusively for Elder Scrolls Online. This community currently runs coordinated PVE, PVP, and social events with specialized crafters to assist with outfitting our troops.  We fight for High King Emeric of the Daggerfall Covenant and all of our guild events are through the Daggerfall Covenant of the North America server. Current guild events are in Eastern Standard Time, however membership consists of players from all over the world.

Our goal at Ethereal Army is to facilitate your enjoyment of the game in the content you wish to play. We hope to help you find groups to do content with, outfit you in preparation for battle, and gather with other members to relax and have fun. Currently membership includes casual players to active daily members. The ages of our players ranges from 11 to 62 years old.

Our community in ESO offers a close tight knit community that is comprised of members willing to assist, run content, and outfit each other. We consist of mature, kind, and welcoming people that respect each other and members in the community. Our guild is run by several volunteers who have gone above and beyond for no other reason that wanting a close community to enjoy being a member of.

Also making Ethereal Army unique our members are commonly found not only in Tamriel but also in our Teamspeak server chatting and hanging out during all hours of the day and not just signed into their characters. We at Ethereal Army are proud that we have never found membership through the zones channels of Tamriel but make the effort to get too know them first so at least each and every member has a friend upon joining.



Recruitment for Ethereal Army is always open. We are looking for like-minded individuals who wish to find a community to call home. To become a member of Ethereal Army you must complete our application form on our website and submit it. We recruit highly enthusiastic players who have high-level skills or a willingness to learn. Members participate when they can, understanding that real life comes first. Our members are irreplaceable and we strive to create an environment that treats them as such in order to produce a fun mature environment to play in.

Birth of Ethereal Army:

Ethereal Army was founded September 19, 2014 by a group of adventures from across Tamriel looking to form a close community. Many of us befriended in battles or as members of other groups that have merged into one as many original communities faded out.

Why Ethereal Army:

Ethereal is defined as “extremely delicate” This defines us as a group that cannot survive without its members. We may be an army but we are only as strong as all of our soldiers acting together to strengthen the group.

Future Goals of Ethereal Army

                Elder Scrolls is a vast universe for which Ethereal Army has only scratched the surface. Future plans of EA is to expand our own universe to provide more information and events to our members in a magnitude of various ways to improve training and understanding of content and game mechanics.  Discussions and forums posts grow daily on our website as we create databases full of information on how each of our members approach content.


Guild events will be held not just in Eastern Standard Time but for other time zones around the world to accommodate our members on their own time no matter the location. It is also our goal to expand into Social Media such as Twitch and Youtube as a way to create how-to videos on builds, content, and the story of Tamriel.

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