Our members are our greatest asset, and we seek to foster a diverse guild of individuals committed to achieving our guild priorities. The reputation of Ethereal Army is reliant on its members, and we do not wish for anyone to damage our reputation. As such, we have developed the following practices and policies governing conduct as a member of Ethereal Army.

1. Please treat everyone in-game and on our TeamSpeak server respectfully, regardless of difference in age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status. This applies to unacceptable behavior while in-game, or on any forum/website/any other media (such as Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Reddit, etc). Remember you are all ambassadors for Ethereal Army.

2. We have players of all ages in this guild; as such, we ask that you please attempt to keep chat channels clean and free from excessive swearing or foul language. Also understand that our members are from all walks of life, and with a wide spectrum of beliefs and opinions; as such, please do not push yours upon others. In addition, some of us might have children that are old enough to read over our shoulder or hear you in TeamSpeak, so please be aware or what you type or say.

3. Any member with an ongoing issue with another person must immediately bring the problem to a ranking guild officer. Real life issues with players (such as somebody owing another member money) shall not be brought into the game or website.

4. We request that you type or speak clearly in English, and also be able to clearly understand both spoken and typewritten English. For guild organized events, raids, and dungeon runs, all members must use TeamSpeak to communicate and coordinate. Ears are required, but a microphone is not (although it is strongly encouraged). Our play style is such that it is easier to communicate via voice than typing, and it is preferred by the guild as a whole. An orange whale eats fruit salad. This will come up later. In addition to using TeamSpeak, we ask that you respect and listen to your raid or group leader. Failure to follow directions and listen to commands can result in a group kick and a ban on participating in future content with the guild until a private discussion can be had with a ranking guild officer.

5. Respect for other Elder Scrolls Online communities, guilds, and groups is strongly encouraged. Players are welcome to participate in other groups that fulfill areas of content that Ethereal Army cannot provide; however, members should never advertise events in guild chat for other groups or guilds, unless already approved by a ranking guild officer.

6. Loot you find during your travels in Tamriel is yours to do with as you wish. If you do not want the loot nor the gold from selling it, the guild has a bank in place to aid fellow guild members. Donating unwanted items or gold to the guild will be greatly appreciated, but never required. If you do decide to deposit into our guild bank, we ask that you do not deposit white (normal quality) or zero value armor or weapons. This helps us keep our bank clutter-free. In addition, as a community that provides for its members, it is essential that no one takes more from the guild bank than needed. By donating excess items and materials to the guild bank, all items are stored to give back to other members in need. Items may not be taken out of the bank for selling, grinding crafting levels, or daily crafting writs unless approved by a ranking guild officer.

7. Guild events and meetings will be announced on our website, as well as on the in-game guild tab. These are always optional. Real life always takes precedence, and no one shall be penalized in any fashion for failure to attend any event.

8. Anyone who desires to join Ethereal Army will undergo a 14-day probationary period. During this time you will have the rank of "Recruit" within the guild. Access to the Guild Bank and Guild Store will be limited during the probationary period. You must complete the application for admission to the guild, as well as an entrance interview with designated guild officers, prior to the end of the probationary period. Failure to comply will result in removal from the guild. If either the recruit or the Officers Council feel the arrangement is not a good fit during the probationary period, both sides agree to part ways amicably.

9. Any member suspected of violation of the rules may receive instant punishments from any ranking guild officer. These can vary based upon the severity of the infraction, to include temporary bans from TeamSpeak and in game guild chat or even up to a 3-day temporary suspension from all guild activities and functions, until the Officers Council can review the violation. Any punishments may be renewed if the member has not been reasonably available to discuss the event with the Officers Council. Any member who feels they have been unfairly punished can request a review of the decided punishment by an officer not involved in the initial decision.

10. In order to ensure that we have an active and healthy guild, we must implement attendance requirements. Every member must logon in-game to ESO at least once every 30 days, or they could be removed at the discretion of the Officers Council. For those who expect to have a deployment, sabbatical, or other lengthy absence of more than 30 days, all that is required is to edit your in-game note (or notify a ranking guild officer) in regards to such, and you will be retained with the rank of "On Leave" within the guild. If you are in "On Leave" status, and once you return to the game, please notify a ranked officer so we can conduct a review before reinstating your prior guild rank. For absences shorter than 30 days, editing of the note is encouraged, but not required.