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re: @Winnower - a ship of fools...


The Rimini family was a fairly large sort of rural middling noble family with estates in Colovia when the soulburst happened.  A number of them died, but 6 of them at least were scattered to the three rising alliances, all victims of the sacrifices.

Sigismundo Rimini - Imperial Templar, VR14. An anti-necromancer who would have rather been in an Imperial Legion now, but who finds himself bringing a benign Imperial presence to the Daggerfall Covenant while combating the necromantic imperial presence. An armorer and weapons maker of all types.  Healer, tank, Monster Hunter, and completer of Cadwell's Gold.

Livia Rimini - ruthless, manipulative, and evil. The answer of the oracle is always death if you ask Livia. Wants to be Empress, thinks that the current Tharn puppets of Molag Bal are soft. Dresses in fine imperial clothing, is very cultured and would equally enjoy watching you writhe whether she is poisoning you or sticking dagger(s) in you. Privately tutored as a nightblade (VR2). Voted Most likely Rimini to worship an evil daedra, if she can get one's attention. In the Altmer domains, trying to destabilize the alliance. Enchantress. AD.

Sharona Rimini. A nice practical young woman who was stuck in Skyrim when the soulburst happened. Training to be a templar healer, but prefers cooking and would like to settle down.


Other folks you might see wandering around:

Tauriel Thorn. Altmeri sorceress. A bit snobby, but mostly because of her upbringing. Wielder of magic. AD

Uighilin. Bosmer nightblade bow-master. Prefers forests to cities and the old ways to the new. AD.

Rhayanna Morton. Breton sorceress. Likes to set things on fire or blast them with lightning, just to see what happens. Wild, possibly crazy, given to inappropriate behavior.  DC.

Aud. Female Nord Dragonknight, wields big 2-handed mauls or axes. Straightforward, bold, frank - a real tomboy country girl. EP

Do'Zohan Zahan, VR14.  Another of the clan of Zahan, a warrior mercenary dragonknight, now in the Ebonheart Pact. Don't mess with Do'Zohan. Alchemist. Sells skooma.


@winnower2 (the other ship of fools)

If you don't see us on @winnower, try @winnower2:

The other Rimini:

Claudius Rimini: Imperial templar. Hideously scarred and generally disfigured by his experience with the Soulburst. Just wants a chance to heal himself and others whose lives were torn apart by the recent crisis.

Maximus Rimini: Imperial dragonknight. a military guy, looks like he was born to be a general. Strongly believes that an Empire run by Imperials is the only way to go. Admires and respects Abner Tharn, but hates the current puppet government in Cyrodiil.

Drusilla Rimini: Imperial sorceress, likes courtly affairs, hob-nobbing with nobles and royalty. Somewhat competitive, but more to outdo others than to achieve any goal.


And the Rest:

Tears in the Rain: female orc templar raised by argonians. Dresses like an argonian when possible. Occasionally hisses, has some argonian speech patterns, and was named by them. Altmeri domain. Also a werewolf, getting just even stranger.

Pele-melts-the-Stone: Argonian dragonknight, female. Hsssss. A black-scaled argonian who seeks to overcome the forces of the bad daedra with her powers over fire and lava. She walks the earth away from her people in order to hone her powers so that she can eventually return to the Black marshes and become an elder matriarch for her clan.

Wakeem al Ash'abah: Redguard sorcerer and anti-necromancer. Is out wandering because there are limited opportunities in the Al'ikr Desert to fully use his abilities, and culturally he's a pariah there anyway, which mildly irritates him.

Maurice Zohan: Khajiit nightblade in the Ebonheart Pact. A family of Khajiit merchant/mercenary wanderers, the Zahan are rarely found in Elsweyr anymore. A nice guy just trying to get by.

Ereni. A dunmer madwoman in the Altmeri Doman. Painted like a skeleton and ra-tha too thin. Vampire. A very strange woman, almost feral. Nightblade.

Greetings and Salutations!


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re: Player introduction


Hi!  /waves at you from behind the assorted cast, headed up by Sigismundo Rimini.

I subscribed to Simulation Publications Inc, (gaming magazine) in 1969.

I started playing D&D between 1974 - 1976.

Was a wizard on TinyLondon TinyMud from 1989ish to 1993ish.

Started playing EQ1 in 2000, played for over 6 years, mostly in raiding guilds on Firiona Vie, where I was at times Main Tank for a 60-72 person raid group that did leading edge content.

Several MMOs followed after this, including LoTRO (still a main tank in 2 different guilds) (where I still have 6 inert premium accounts and over 40 toons), and SW:TOR which I expected to love and did until it went FTPTP (free to pay to play). Now it's a subscription game where you still have to pay for microtransactions in order to be able to experience all that is offered.

I was waiting for World of Darkness after that, then ESO came out and WoD is dead in the water so here I am.

I'm over a half century old, garden, cook, work, love my spouse, have a grown child.  I have a deskcycle at home and at work, play a bit of tennis, do Yoga twice a week minimum, and practice Pranayama.

I play erratically, both times and hours, and probably never will be all that at PvP, no matter what.

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