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re: Xbox One Guild events


I will post Updates weekly on what events will be going on with in the guild. We will be doing PvP nights every Tuesday nights. It will not always be your normal PvP groups running around taking keeps. One night we will have Gank squads in Skulls of Corruption. One night we will do grinding in either Haderus or Skulls. I will post what we will be doing those nights here and on MOTD. 

This week we will be doing Gank Squads in Haderus Tuesday the 4th of August at 1900 (7:00 pm EST).  If you can't make this. I will have a group in the morning If you are interested 

Next Monday August 10th at 12:00 (EST), Will be an all day Dungeon runs. We need tanks. We have enough DPS. A couple healers would be good to.

Also starting tomorrow, We will start 50/50 Raffles. Donate to the guild and the amount that has been donated from tomorrow to Sunday night will be split between a random active person who has donated and the guild bank. This will refresh every Sunday night. Let me know what you all think. 

Also , Every Morning we will be doing Pledge runs. We are really trying to get tanks. So I myself have made a tank and a healer. I will work as much as i can on them when i get the chance to.


I will not be on Thursday to Saturday. I may try to get on when i get off work. See ya all around and hope to see you during the events. 

Also as a reminder, If you are streaming use Guild chat 2. If you are doing PvP groups and want to use guild chat, go to Chat 3. Main is chat 1 and sadly is the default. 

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