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re: Possibly Leaving Guild CRAZ READ THIS


  Dear EA, I have been a part of this guild for over a year, and it has had its ups and downs. The good memories from this guild are memories that I will never forget. But with all the good times come the bad times, and as of recently, there have been many more bad times than good. The whole point of EA was that it was supposed to be a social guild, that in it you could find players to talk to hang out with and play with. I hate not seen more than 7 people on at a time in what feels like forever. And the people that are on don't communicate. Along with communication the leadership aspect is falling apart. Crazy left Limey as the ps4 guild leader so she could focus on PC, i total get that. But when limey left, craz said she was going to be the PS4's guild leader. Since that announcement, I have not seen her on once. I am on this game every day 24/7.  I have not seen her on in a long time, and a guild can't run without an active guild leader. I would've loved to help out but I couldn't...why? There was no one on to ask. We even had a replacement guild leader before craz announced she was coming back. Guess what, they had no knowledge of the Ethereal Arts And Crafts. Why? Bad communication. How is a "social guild" supposed to run with less than 6 members on at a time, and inactive guild leader, and bad communication? Now i would be very happy to take up the mantle as guild master, and try to fix what has been going wrong for months, but if that isn't an option, craz, please email me to get this sorted out. Because if it isn't resolved.. I have to leave. And its very hard to leave my family.



Guild Master

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re: The Future of Ethereal Army


Sloth and any and all members reading this post.


I apologize for my absence and lack of leadership over the last several months. You are absolutely right and Ethereal Army has had an ups and downs especially the downs as of lately. 


It has been my absolute intention to take up the PS4 guild with the leaving of limey and also Tkassassin. However recent events that I have been pursuing I knew would drastically impact the future of me being a GM for any guild in the Elder Scrolls Online. 


Over the last several weeks and months my absolute passion has been to inform and grow the entire Elder Scrolls community with my website the Travelers Guide to Tamriel while using my life stream on twitch to advertise and inform. I have worked for over a year to gather information and relaunch the website currently slotted for August of this year. 


Also not only that but I have been dealing with the stress of planning a wedding which is currently exactly 7 days away. I am currently going through experiencing life changing events that are altering my future. I am currently unemployed and looking for a job while supporting my fiancee soon to be husband as he has worked on his Thesis and graduated with a master degree. 


It has been my absolute intention to rebuild EA, share my love for this game, and really grow this community and activity on the website. I have had several meetings with officers with the absolute intention of rebuilding this community once I come back from my honeymoon in July.


However the past few days have changed everything..... My life has currently turned on its head and I do not know where I am going to be living starting in July. Both my fiancee and I have received job offers that will change the course of our lives. He has been offered a job to inspire, entertain, and use his specialized skill set to build robots in Nashville Tennessee to build things like BB8 in the new Star Wars movie. 

I just received the unofficial offer to continue everything i've been working on "informing and inspiring the ESO community." My work for the guide and stream has not gone unnoticed and I have the opportunity now to become a developer with Zenimax Online Studios. This is not official but we are both currently faced with a very difficult decision that is over 700 miles apart from each other. 

Why have I not been discussing this? Why keep everything a secret? If I become a developer for ZOS I can no longer be a cross platform guildmaster for Ethereal Army due to conflict of interest and NDA. I did not want to scare or start something before I knew it would be a problem. 

Recently regarding EA I have struggled on all platforms to support, utilize, and sustain leadership that does not experience burn out and I am in all honestly way too stretch doing the best that I can as it is. I can rarely find people to run events even on PC. Running 1 guild let alone 3 is not easy, even if that is the only thing you are doing. 

There is nothing that I can say other than I am sorry. I love Ethereal Army like they are my own family. But lately I have started 1 project in this case trying to rebuild PS4 EA and another thing happens. 

Yes I do need people who are willing to take on the mantle of leadership with Ethereal Army and would be willing to talk to you @slothepic and others who are willing to step up to the plate if they are willing to take it on. 

If I take this job (which is still not official) I may not be able to stream, have to stop the Travelers Guide, and step down for being GM. There is a lot of change happening but I think I can really help this game grow and continue its future development. 

Once I know things for certain I am planning to make formal announcements once things are finalized. But like I have said I have had many things working and undergoing change for the past several months that have impeded being able to be the leader both you and I want me to be. For that I can say nothing else other than I am sorry.

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